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BTC Injector v2.0

This Program Created By Anonymous Russia


BTC Injectore is THE most easy and fast way to gain bitcoins.

The Software use an exploit is the blockchain. Without deposit on a cracked/modified wallet, these bitcoin will get stuck in the blockchain and these bitcoin have no confirmation and are permanently on this wallet until they reach 1 confimation, before this happens the system send these bitcoin multiple times to generate a profit.


We have developed and created this site and software’s to add money to your account or hack everything that you want! After doing a lot of R&D, we have reached to a conclusion that the people, who are in urgency and need fast a lot of Money they can use our software’s to add money or hack something. With our Tool’s, they can get money in their account and from account they can transfer the money to their bank account. Our Hacks and Money Adders is very simple and easy to use.