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script simple faucet / robinet à bitcoins original

Create your faucet by sharing your advertising revenue!


PHP, JS - HTML, CSS simple and fast for the user: a bitcoin address and an email Confirmable registration by mail Multilanguage ENGLISH, FRENCH simple anti adblock affiliate system simple and light backend lightweight script and without database

Installation upload files to the server Edit the conf.php file including "admin_mdp" administration: /admin.php?pass=test the default administrator password is "test" fill in the advertising tags it's gone!

modules included bets: bet from 1 satoshi with 1 chance out of 2 up to 1024 RSS news: View information from multiple sites on your quotes: spiritual phrases in French and English

Administration memory management user details supervision of the sums generated daily statistics and hour by hour transfer requests publication of advertisement or modules


Configuration satoshis by default duration between two claims several prameters duration between two bets maximum bet cash check amount of the withdraw welcome satoshis sponsorship satoshis links of referal name and address of the site mail information close the site temporarily open the inscriptions hide ads confirm the registration by mail session by cookies APCu mode add modules


live demo frontend Link backend Link tutorial Link

I do too much, no? but it's just a PHP faucet And there you know ALL of the stuff! If you like, thank you for paying after for nanani nanana, see with Paul