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Twitter Archiver


This tool archives all^1 all posts made on Twitter efficiently in real-time in the event that they are deleted. All data is untampered and uneditable so you can rest assured that no posts have been touched or altered in any way. Data is displayed to the user in a clean and fairly easy to navigate interface while for those who are somewhat tech savvy while still providing the utmost in usability and function. A ReadMe document will be installed which includes your license and an exhaustive rundown of instructions and tutorials on how to use the Archiver. This tool was created to maintain transparency and credibility on social media and hold users accountable for their words and actions. I have done my best to incorporate all useful functions into this tool, but if for some reason you feel that it's missing something, feel free to email me with your assigned license.


  • Archives all^1 posts including photo and video^2 even if they are deleted
  • Advanced search functionality (Twitter advanced search, reverse image search)
  • Lightweight command line version included
  • Data exportable in text document, Excel, or Google Sheets format
  • Quick retrieval of data (provided you have a stable internet connection)
  • Archives dating back to 2011
  • No limit on posts (Twitter only allows users to view the last 6000 posts)
  • Encrypted AES-128 connection between retrieval tool and archiving servers


  • Only public accounts are able to archived. (Posts that are public before going private are still archived)
  • Users are not able to archive locally. All data is stored on Archiver servers. Local archiving will not become a feature. Please do not ask or request it.

Additional Info

If you would like a trial license or a press license, feel free to pay the full price for the software as trials aren't an option. If you have any complaints please feel free to not email me as you will be ignored and blacklisted.


I reserve the right to cease work on this project at any time without notifying users of this tool. Your purchase grants you a unique non-transferable license to use this software. An active internet connection is required to run this software. Your license is checked once by authentication servers every time the software is run in order to verify validity and integrity of the software and license. Your license will lock to one computer at a time. Multiple licenses must be purchased to install on multiple computers. Any attempts to tamper with and/or share the license and/or software will result in an automatic non-contestable revocation of your license without refund. In the rare event that a revocation is wrongfully executed, your license may be reinstated under my discretion. All sales are final.


1. Private accounts cannot be archived at this time. (Posts that are public before going private are still archived)
2. All media such as photo and video are compressed in order to save on storage costs and retain efficiency and may not be suitable for forensic research.

With great power comes great responsibility.