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It is an 18 page guide, teaching you step-by-step how to setup a passive money making system, where you just lean back and the money will come on autopilot. It can be setup anonymously, or even with no investment, for FREE. The only work you have to do is until you setup the system (which can be outsourced if you pay someone else to do it if you think it's too hard work for you), and occasional maintenance job, but it should be as automated as possible.

The guide contains all my knowledge about passive income, and people who know me, know that I have a lot of knowledge about making money. The guide is self-explanatory and easy to read and understand, with pictures and a good explanation. It works for Bitcoin, Dollar, Euro or other currencies!

==============================[ INFO ]===============================

The guide is split into 2 strategic parts:

⚫ THE TRAFFIC: In the first part (first 9 pages) it details how to setup webtraffic streams (even for free) to your profit generator (referral links, sales page, etc..). I give you 6 FREE traffic methods, and 3 paid methods, with full guidance and explanation!

⚫ PROFIT GENERATOR: The second part (last 9 pages) details what kind of referral links are good. I also give you 6 other monetization techniques, and how to combine it efficiently with the traffic to setup a passive profit generator!

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